Godfall - Water Realm

I made the water wall shaders found throughout this Realm, Water walls had depth based tinting and refraction parameters, and auto foam masking using distance fields, with vert paint support for additional control.

I created and tuned all the foliage and base subsurface shaders for the seaweed, ivy and coral meshes as well.

I developed the water wall shaders for Water Realm and assisted AD with level art lead responsibilities when possible. I also worked to implement the landscape shaders and made a custom vert paint shader for the plaster material - one vertex channel controls the blend between 3 different materials. I also briefly jumped into the level to support Rahim with some level art polish and tuning/rebalancing materials throughout production as well, and coordinated efforts with the concept and outsourcing teams to get the production on these levels started.

Art Direction: Tim Simpson https://www.artstation.com/pixelmasher
Lead Asset Artist: Evan McKnight https://www.artstation.com/emcknight
Level Art:
Rahim Rahimi https://www.artstation.com/rahimi001
Oleg Gamov
Katherine Lopez https://www.artstation.com/katherinelopez
Tejay Fraser-Chitticks https://www.artstation.com/tejay

Lighting: Tim Simpon and Igor Titov

Vista Team:
Ryan Ingram https://www.artstation.com/ingramr
Matt Ellis https://www.artstation.com/matellis

VFX by the Tuatara and Disruptive teams.

Tech Art/Optimization - Alan Lee and Joshua Carlos