Corvus Shader - Star Wars Battlefront ll
Kurt kupser corvusrebelv6

Rebel Skin - Second variant seen in the Resurrection DLC

Kurt kupser 01 corvus
Kurt kupser 02 corvus

Rebel Skin - First variant

Kurt kupser 03 corvus
Kurt kupser 05 corvus

Imperial Version

Kurt kupser 06 corvus
Kurt kupser corvusimperialv3

Finally got around to putting together some images of my work on SWBF2! I was responsible for look development and creation of the shader for the Corvus. I received support from Nate Kennedy, a TA on the project. Modeling and texturing was done by Neil McKnight, Mark Tome and Ho Sung Shon. Art direction by Chris Matthews.

The Corvus has 3 different paint jobs and is over 150m long. It needed to look good in both cinematic and gameplay cameras, when viewed from up close and at a distance. I created a shader that could support low resolution macro maps for large scale AO, wear and discolouration. I used tiling masks to modulate the macro textures to add resolution to them. For the the micro detail, the shader layers in a higher frequency texture set. This was a big effort from a lot of people on the team, it turned out great!

You can check out their portfolios here: