Godfall - Earth Realm
All foliage shaders have local tinting based on a root mask, and world space tinting for further variety.

All foliage shaders have local tinting based on a root mask, and world space tinting for further variety.

Distance field meshes auto-mask foam and distort UVs. The river geometry subtly displaces around intersecting geometry as well. The shader projects caustics onto underlying geometry too.

I created a tri-planar decal shader that has world space UVs for consistency and to prevent texture tearing. Anything inside the volume gets the decal projected.

The shader also auto-fades the edges to prevent harsh seams as well, the falloff radius can be adjusted.

Auto-population of foliage in the landscape. Different layers will spawn different types, painting wetness will mask them out. There is also a "Remove Clutter" layer to completely remove foliage if needed. Wetness blends based on the blended heightmaps

I supported asset, environment and tech teams during the production of the Earth Realm, creating a shader library for landscape, props, organic and architecture kits and foliage. I also assisted AD with level art lead responsibilities when possible, did some level art polish, and optimization efforts for the tech team.

I created a river shader as well, which tints and refracts the underlying scene, and auto-projects caustics onto the surface. For the Earth Realm, the landscape shaders were set up to auto-populate foliage assets using grass types. I also made a tri-planar caustic decal that auto-fades around the bounding box of the decal actor, this allows for projection onto complex geometry without any texture warping.

Art Direction: Tim Simpson https://www.artstation.com/pixelmasher
Lead Asset Artist: Evan McKnight https://www.artstation.com/emcknight
Level Art:
Cat Yang https://www.artstation.com/goodbyekitty137
Noah Kobus https://www.artstation.com/n_kobus
Chris Lambert https://www.artstation.com/chrislambert
Tejay Fraser-Chitticks https://www.artstation.com/tejay
Oleg Gamov https://www.artstation.com/ogamov

Lighting: Tim Simpon and Igor Titov

VFX by the Tuatara and Disruptive teams.

Vista Team:
Ryan Ingram https://www.artstation.com/ingramr
Matt Ellis https://www.artstation.com/matellis

Tech Art/Optimization - Alan Lee and Joshua Carlos