Star Wars Battlefront ll - Star Destroyer Bridge
Kurt kupser 01 sd bridge

I was responsible for the computer panels and terminals in the bridge of the Star Destroyer

Kurt kupser 06 sd bridge
Kurt kupser 02 sd bridge

Alternate shot

Kurt kupser 03a sd bridge

I also made the holotable in the center, and the L shaped computers behind Iden.

Kurt kupser 03b sd bridge
Kurt kupser 04a sd bridge
Kurt kupser 04b sd bridge
Kurt kupser controlpanels v2

Examples of the kit pieces I made for the computers on the pit walls

Here is a showcase of some assets I made for the Star Destroyer Bridge. I made the computers both in the pit and at the front of the bridge, the holotable, and the L shaped computers.

Additional environment art work by Evan Yovanovich and Philippe Pelletier. Art direction by Chris Matthews. The bridge was the location of a lot of cutscenes in the game so there is too many people to credit!