Gears 5 - Advection Ice and Frozen Vegetation Shaders
Kurt kupser ice min 1

I created the shaders for the frozen vegetation, advection ice and the blue ice. Stef Velzeboer did additional work on the shader to customize it for the ice spear.

Kurt kupser kurt kupser hopeicicles1
Kurt kupser kurt kupser hope advection ice1
Kurt kupser kurt kupser hope 3
Kurt kupser kurt kupser hope 5
Kurt kupser kurt kupser hope 1
Kurt kupser advection ice 2 kurt

Example of the advection ice assets applied to some assets. Models and texturing by Cat Yang

Kurt kupser icevegetation

A closer look at the frozen vegetation shader applied to a leaf card

Working with tech, level, VFX and art direction teams, I created the visual target and master shader for the advection ice that is frozen to trees and buildings throughout the game. I also made the frozen vegetation shader. I worked with Stef Velzeboer; who helped with shader development and maintenance, and Ryan DowlingSoka; who did the math for the tree occlusion, improving the workflow for placing numerous advection ice assets in a level, and was also a tech wizard throughout the whole process. Also shout out to Mandy Morland who created some Houdini magic to generate the icicles on a variety of different meshes.